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Don't Hate!

All parents who cloth diaper their kids have probably faced this situation at one time or another. You are having a casual conversation with someone, maybe in the grocery store or the pharmacy. She is asking you about your kids and somehow diapering comes up. You tell her you use cloth diapers. *Enter dramatic music*

And then it happens…she looks at you as if you are the most moronic person on the face of the planet. She then proceeds to spew stupid questions and statements at you as if it were her native tongue. Strangely enough this is the same person who asks a woman when she’s due, but she’s not pregnant.

The knee-jerk reaction would be to tell this person to keep her nose out of your business. Who does she think she is? And why is she worried about it? They aren’t her kids. Of course, this is very rarely the correct way to handle the situation, but it is the first thought.

You can also do what I do…laugh with just a touch of sarcasm. You can say, “It’s really not that bad.” “It’s not what you think.” Then, you can give her a short (or long) synopsis of why cloth diapering would be great for HER kids too! Still, the sarcasm may be a little too much.

Or, if you are just the most perfect, precious person on the planet, you can just let it slide. No biggie, right? You know cloth diapers are making a comeback. This lady just hasn't caught the fever yet.  Bless her heart.

Tell me about your experiences, funny, angry, sarcastic and the like. I want to hear all of them.  How do you deal with the cloth diaper “haters” you come in contact with?