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Thank you so much for visiting We Love Cloth brought to you by Susan.  I hope you will find the information contained here educational and entertaining.  Here you'll find my favorite cloth diaper stores and products.   I am thrilled to help families find the diaper and accessory combination that is right for them. 

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bumGenius 5.0 Review

The bumGenius 5.0 is a one-size diaper that fits from 7-35 lbs. It has three rows of snaps for adjusting the rise to get a good fit as the baby grows. The stretchy tabs also help ensure a good, leak-free fit. This has been a great feature for us in getting a good fit on our little one that has a skinny waist and chubbier thighs. I also found the diaper to be a bit bulky at first, but by about 11 lbs it fit really well.

The Flip cloth diapering system, by Cotton Babies, is a cloth diapering system that uses covers and either reusable or disposable inserts. The covers come in all of the bumGenius colors with snap closures.   Flips are one size diapers and are supposed to fit babies/toddlers from birth to potty training. The recommended weight is from 8 to 35 pounds.   

GroVia All in Ones and Hybrids

GroVia Cloth Diapers

When I first started my cloth diapering journey I didn’t want “fluffy” diapers for my daughter. After lots of research my sister stumbled upon GroVia. I bought one to give it a try and I loved it. GroVia’s diapers are incredibly trim, and yet just as absorbent as other one-sized diapers I own. To create a mental image, think slightly bulkier than a disposable diaper. I don’t know how they make a one-sized diaper so trim, but GroVia does it!

Don't Forget the Accessories!

So you’ve decided to cloth diaper your baby. Great! It’s a great way to save money, great for your sweet baby’s bum, and good for the environment. If you’re like me, you’ve done the math and figured out just how many diapers you need. My experience has taught me that you need about 25 diapers depending on which type of diaper you use and how often you want to wash.  But there are some other things you need to cloth diaper successfully. A few accessories, such as a wet bag, added to your stash can make cloth diapering on a day to day basis easier. Others items, like cloth diaper detergent, help take care of your diapers so they’ll last longer.  So here’s a brief list of things I recommend purchasing when you cloth diaper, besides cloth diapers, of course.