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GroVia All in Ones and Hybrids

GroVia Cloth Diapers

When I first started my cloth diapering journey I didn’t want “fluffy” diapers for my daughter. After lots of research my sister stumbled upon GroVia. I bought one to give it a try and I loved it. GroVia’s diapers are incredibly trim, and yet just as absorbent as other one-sized diapers I own. To create a mental image, think slightly bulkier than a disposable diaper. I don’t know how they make a one-sized diaper so trim, but GroVia does it!

GroVia makes their diapers with Organic Cotton inner layers and 100% Polyester TPU outer layers. The inner and outer layers are really very soft, and stay that way after prepping. The All-in-one has a tongue that is attached at the back of the diaper, but not at the front, this makes drying time slightly faster. You also have the option of adding a snap-in booster (which comes with the diaper when you purchase it). I have a very heavy wetter and very rarely have leaks with GroVia’s All-In-One system (however, I do not use it overnight).

The All-In-One and All-In-Two’s have three rise settings, the diaper is never bulky even when it is snapped all the way down.The All-In-One is slightly trimmer, while I find the All-In-Two just a little fluffy and roomier (still much trimmer than the typical cloth diaper). The All-In-One has side snaps (they snap at the hip, unlike more traditional diapers), with 5 waist and thigh settings. The stretchy wings make it fairly easy to get a good fit on your baby, and the side snaps have never slowed me down. I have a very chunky little girl, and a very long and lean son, the diaper fits both of them very nicely without leaks for either child. I also really like that GroVia offers a stay-dry booster pad for added protection and a stay-dry feel if you desire it. I often add this in my All-In-One instead of the snap in booster, so I still have the desired trimness but the stay-dry feel and just as much absorbency. While these do take slightly longer than pocket diapers to dry, they are very easy to care for. Simply wash on warm with a cloth diaper friendly detergent, and tumble dry. If you want to line dry that’s a possibility too, I do suggest tossing them in the dryer for 20 minutes to soften them after they are dry. These are made out of cotton so you WILL have to wash and dry 3-5 times prior to first use, they will reach full absorbancy after 10+ washes.

The All-In-Two shell comes in a snap or Velcro option. The snap option does not have the side snaps (it snaps in a more traditional way), and has six snaps for getting a good fit at the waist and hips; you do not have to worry about wing drooping at all with the shell. The inside of the of the diaper is lined with a very soft mesh material. I love that it protects my baby’s skin so she does not have any of the waterproofing touching her. The unique thing about the soaker pads is that they are backed with waterproof material, so you do not have to change the shell each time the baby wets. The shell very rarely gets urine on it! You can also use the shells with any other inserts you desire; however, if you use inserts other than the TPU backed ones, be prepared to change the shell when changing the insert.  The All-In-Two system is very easy to care for. Simply wash the shells with warm water, you can even throw them in with your little one’s laundry if you want! Then hang dry (they dry VERY quickly). The soaker pads should be washed like you would wash any other diaper, then you can tumble or line dry. They do take longer to dry than a typical diaper, but it doesn’t keep me from loving them. To be prepped wash the shells once and hang dry, to prep the soaker pads – wash and dry 3-5 times prior to first use. They will gain full absorbancy after 10+ washes.

Another great GroVia product is their Magic Stick. It has a pleasant smell, and the fact that it comes in a tube offers a mess free application. It glides on easily and works as a wonderful barrier to the moisture. I have used it at every diaper change and have not had a problem with it causing repelling.

Hm so, some negatives about Grovia? Let me think…while the prints they have are adorable, they don’t have many options for their All-In-One’s. Don’t worry though! They are getting ready to release new prints for their shells, and All-In-One’s soon. They do have a longer drying time and they do not have a stay-dry layer, if that’s what you are looking for please be prepared to add a layer of fleece on top for the stay dry feeling, or buy their stay-dry boosters. That said, they are soon to release a stay-dry, snap in soaker for their All-In-Two system. If you are on the fence about trying GroVia I challenge you to stop by and try one out. GroVia has made cloth diapering a pleasure for me and my family.

Happy Diapering!

Debby D - Cloth Diaper MomDebby D. is a stay-at-home mom to two beautiful babies! She has a very active two year old son, who lights up her life; and a sweet, adorable two month old daughter who already has her wrapped around her beautiful little finger. She has an amazing husband who works hard so she can stay home and raise their children!  Debby says:  “To say that God has blessed me beyond measure is an understatement!”