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5 Ways Gavin Makes Me Smile

My son, Gavin, is the joy of my life. He makes me smile when I don’t think anything is funny. He is the brightest star, the happiest, cutest, most adorable, precious child on the face of the planet…and I’m not biased, of course! So, I wanted to write about some of the ways that Gavin makes me smile.

1. He cheers me on…One night I came home from church after a long day and an even longer business meeting. Gavin and Tim (my husband) were in the driveway and Gavin was chanting, “Mama! Mama! Mama!” That brought a huge smile to my face!

2. He’s always happy to see me…In the mornings when I go into his room to get him up and ready for the day, he looks at me, smiles, and with the sweetest voice any child could muster says, “Hi, Mama!”

3. He’s so affectionate…When Gavin gives hugs or kisses I know that he absolutely loves his mommy. I’ve never had a better hug or kiss!

4. He thinks I’m funny…It doesn’t matter if I’m singing the ABC song or Jesus Loves Me. If I’m tickling him or chasing him around the house, he’s always laughing. Sometimes if I just look at him sideways, he laughs.

5. He loves to pray…At the end of the day, just before we put Gavin to bed, we pray with him. We always pray for his health and salvation. We pray for God to bless him and to help us know how to parent him. Gavin puts his hands together, bows his head, and at the end he says, “memen.” That’s his version of Amen. I’m sure God knows what he is saying.

Being a mother is such a wonderful blessing. I pray I don’t ever take it for granted. What are some of the ways your kids make you smile?

Have a blessed day!