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Lovie Dovie

I think most kids these days have a stuffed animal or a blanket they carry around with them everywhere they go. I always think of Linus from Peanuts who carried his blanket around everywhere with his thumb in his mouth. My child is no different. We tried several different stuffed animals for him to sleep with starting at about 6 months old. But he didn’t really attach on to anything until we found Ovejita.

Ovejita is a lamb that someone gave me as a baby shower present. We got the idea to name her Ovejita from Sesame Street. He took to her like a duck takes to water. And now, we can’t separate him from her when it’s time to sleep. He goes to get her, puts her under his arm and heads to his bed. It is so very sweet.

She doesn’t look nearly as good as she used to. One time she was accidentally washed with a blue shirt. So now, she kind of just looks gray. She’s a little more floppy from the constant carrying her around. He stuffs her in his shopping cart and on his tricycle. One time he even stuffed her in his potty chair. We couldn’t find her and for two days we went without her thinking she was lost forever. His potty chair has the removable “bowl” and inside was Ovejita!

We’ve actually been trying for months to find extra Ovejitas for when the original goes to stuffed-animal heaven. But they don’t make them anymore. I have emailed the company looking for her. I’ve searched everywhere for one. The company makes a smaller version, but she just isn’t the same.

It will most likely be a horrible day when she does “die”. I do NOT look forward to it. I would like to wiggle my nose and have her be just as fluffy, clean, and cute as she was in the beginning. That’s not going to happen.

What lovies do your kids have? Have they carried a blanket until there is only a thread or two left? Or, like Gavin, did they carry a stuffed animal around until there is no stuffing left? We’d love to hear your stories!

God Bless!