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To Toss or Reuse? When it Comes to Wipes That is the Question ….

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I absolutely LOVE cloth wipes.   I have about 4 dozen of them that we use on all sorts of things, from noses to behinds, and even as a paper towel replacement.   Here are some of the reasons why to use them on your baby's bum....

  1. Cloth wipes are healthier for babies.  They contain no harsh chemicals and are made from natural materials such as hemp or cotton.  You get to decide what wipe spray is best for your baby, from mere water to whatever naturally scented herb and oil combination you choose. 

  2. Cloth wipes also simply feel better on the skin.  Most cloth wipes are made from either hemp or cotton.  They are so soft!  When compared to a disposable wipe, there is simply no comparison!  Cloth wipes are at room temperature so you don’t have to worry about warming them up.  Most of all, babies like them.  They are gentle on skin and don’t irritate.

  3. Cloth wipes are great for the environment.  They don’t generate more landfill waste and don’t produce pollution during the manufacturing process.  One baby can generate thousands of wipes from birth to potty time.  That’s a lot of disposable wipes!

  4. Cloth wipes are also much more cost effective than disposable wipes plus they can be used for other purposes.
Next, you may ask which kind of wipe to buy?    Well, we like to have two different types on hand.   We use single layer flannel wipes from OsoCozy that gets in crevices and double layer plush wipes when you need softness Thirsties.

What about a wipe spray?    I made my own using witch hazel hydrosol water (non alcoholic) with a 1/2 teaspoon of olive oil or liquid coconut oil and a couple of drops of essential oil.   There are many cloth wipe recipes to try or a favorite of many are Baby Bits Wipe Solution.

Why did you switch or what is keeping you from switching?

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