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What's in a Name?

It’s inevitable. Even though you gave your child a legal name when he was born, you will eventually come up with a nickname for him. These nicknames may eventually be embarrassing for your child. By the time they realize it, however, it’s too late.

As a child, my dad, uncles and grandpa all called me Boo. Who knows why…but, they still call me that. I have never minded that nickname though. It’s endearing.

When we were trying to come up with a name for our son, we pondered a few different ones. We eventually landed on Gavin just because I like it and it sounds a little bit like my own name. His middle name is James after two people, my father-in-law and my mother-in-law’s brother. But, over the past two years, Gavin has gotten several nicknames.

The first one is Little Bud. My father-in-law named him this right off the bat. I think maybe before Gavin was even born. He calls my husband Bud and Gavin was just officially Little Bud. Gavin’s face lights up when he hears his Pepaw say Little Bud. It’s so cute.

I started calling him Butterbean about a year ago. I’m not really sure why, he just looks like a Butterbean. But, I also call him Angel Face. Sometimes he looks at me and I’m not entirely sure God didn’t give me an angel. Then, he does something he’s not supposed to and I remember that he is, in fact, a little boy.

The nickname that has really taken off recently is the Gavinator. This name was given to him by our Pastor. And, so now, everybody at church calls him the Gavinator. “Tell the Gavinator I hope he feels better.” “Tell the Gavinator I missed him today.” “What’s the Gavinator up to?” It fits him very well, actually.

What nicknames do you have for your kids? Do you think they’ll be embarrassed by them? We want to hear what you have to say.

Thanks and have a great day!