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Best Bottom Diapers

This post may contain affiliate links.  I only recommend products and services that I love.   Thank you for supporting a work at home mom!   -Susan 

Want an affordable and practical cloth diaper system?   Best Bottom Diapers is one of my favorite cloth diapers if you are looking for an all in two system.

Here are the specifics...

1. Wipeable one size cover fits babies up to 35 pounds.

2. Double layers of PUL.

3. Leg gussets

4. The inserts snap in for easy changing. No stuffing here.

5. Multiple insert choices, including an overnight option for those heavy wetters.

Best Bottoms have so many fabulous colors and a variety of insert choices to best fit your baby's needs.   For day use I recommend a Best Bottom hemp insert and for overnights I recommend a microterry insert over a hemp overnight insert.   My son was a super overnight wetter and this combination worked well for him.   I personally favor hemp products and stay away from stay dry products to promote faster potty training.

Don't forget that all hemp products need to be prepped.   This means washing the inserts multiple times to remove the natural oils and make it more absorbent.   Hemp reaches maximum absorbency after 8 to 10 washings.   I do not recommend boiling the inserts as some do.

Learning the system is easy.   Just remember that the overnight insert snaps in first and you don't want to use it alone.   After snapping that insert in, you'll snap the regular insert in on top of the overnight insert.

The snaps will cross over for those little ones with skinny waists. The leg gussets fit perfectly making a nice snug fit reducing risk of leaks. The inserts and the cover all wash up very nicely and dry quickly.

The colors and prints are adorable! For full-time use you need about  9 shells and 24 inserts. You can start cloth diapering full-time with Best Bottom Diapers for under $250.00!  You can find a package like this here at one of our favorite retailers, Diaper Junction.

If you want simple, easy to use cloth diapers, this is the system for you.

The Bottom Line...I LOVE IT!