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Blueberry Basix All-in-One Diaper

Can I give the Bottom Line at the beginning?

The Bottom Line: I LOVE THIS DIAPER! I think it is my new favorite! If I'm ever blessed enough to have another baby, I want my entire stash to be filled with this diaper!

Ok, now for the details...

This is an All-In-One diaper, but what makes it awesome is its pocket design. It has a total of 3 layers of microfiber sewn in. The insert is attached on one end so it comes out easily in the wash, which makes the drying time so much quicker!

Basix comes in 3 sizes and snaps on the side, so no issue with wing droop here. There are 3 rows of snaps on the tabs which help to get the perfect fit every time.

The super soft fleece on the inside helps to wick away moisture and keep your baby dry. I have had this diaper for a couple months and I've yet to see any pilling on the fleece. Did I mention how soft this fleece is? It feels like a cloud!

My most favorite feature is that I can stuff it with my hemp inserts. That has been my main issue with other AIO diapers. It's so hard to add absorbency! Not here. My heavy wetter little one is always dry in the mornings when I use this diaper.

Plus, the price is right at $21.95 for a US made diaper! And don't forget all the adorable prints and colors!