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Let's go swimming!

This post may contain affiliate links.  I only recommend products and services that I love.   Thank you for supporting a work at home mom!   -Susan 

It's that time of year...the hot sun and the cool pool, even better the sunny beach. Let's go! But wait...baby needs a swim diaper! Our favorite is the appleCheeks Swimmer. It is made specifically for pool use.

It is constructed of two layers of 100% polyester mesh that allows water to comfortably move through the swimmer while keeping any solid out of the water.   Plus, it is cute to boot!

Check out some of the reviews:

Amanda C.
The AppleCheeks swim diapers are the perfect solution to all of your swimming pool fun. I hated chemical filled swim diapers because I was already putting my daughter in a pool full of them no need to add in more so close to her bum. Plus the constant having to buy disposables was frustrating when my husband would pack the last one and not tell me.

They have a mesh inner and a fabric outer with no layer of pul in them. This helps so the urine isn't trapped in side. The mesh is perfect though for helping keep messes in place! I am giving it 4 stars because the outer fabric tends to snag easily if your little one sits on the concrete of most pools. This isn't a problem though if you cover them up with a swimming suit. We instead prefer to match our rash guards to the swim diapers. It is not something that would stop me from buying it again.

Shannah M.
This is a great swim diaper! It is trim and adorable. The inner lining is similar to what you would find in a gym short, it's an athletic mesh type fabric. The nice thing about this swim diaper is that the mesh liner allows the water to filter through the diaper while containing the solids, unlike other swim diapers (including the disposable ones) that hold in waste while also getting bulky when wet. I live on a lake so i am sure I will be ordering several more of these diapers. Totally Twilight is a gorgeous royal blue color, I really like it!

Melissa F.
I've got several size ones all ready to go for swim season! They fit her perfectly! And worked like a charm in the bathtub. lol

Krystal L.
We have used several other bands of swim diapers but nothing compares to Applecheeks. We like the customizable sizing. The swim diapers fit closer to the body than the pocket diapers so they last a little longer in sizing. My daughter has been in size 2 pockets since she was 17lbs but she is still in the size 1 swim diaper almost snapped all the way in at 20lbs. They have a very soft breathable inner and outer fabric, so babies don't get heat rash from a plastic material being on their bottoms. We also like the colors because they match a lot of our swimsuits. Great value for the quality!

Ashley B.
I looked around for awhile for a nice swim diaper and these are the best. They hold in any accidents, they are so trim, the water is never retained because it's all mesh and best of all, they're so stinkin cute! We have a stash of these for summer time.