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The Prepared Mom: Keeping Disappointments at Bay

I like to have an arsenal of ideas/objects to run to when things aren't quite going right. I keep disposable diapers and wipes on standby (in case of power outages/snow storms/or bouts of stomach flu). I keep bags of crayons and notepads in my purse for long lines and bored kids. My schoolroom (we homeschool) has a whole drawer full of toddler activities in bags for times when my 3 year old has a meltdown.

But how does one prepare for the unexpected? Like playdates getting canceled, park plans ruined by rain, or the dreaded sickness that takes over the whole house and destroys EVERYONES social life.

My personal plan of attack against such things is a promise, a stocked pantry, and a secret money stash. My kids know that on rainy days, they get tea - loaded with honey- and popcorn. When playdates get canceled, they get 99 cent cones dipped in chocolate from Mcdonald's. Sick days include a special "sick" blanket, jello, unlimited Netflix viewing, and frozen pizzas for the healthy ones. I save all these items and use them ONLY when these disappointing times arrise. Sure, there is sometimes a minor hissy fit, but then they remember that they get "that special treat" and it is all but forgotten. And, keep it simple. I found that if I promised them elaborate things, like trips to the aquarium, it would be harder for me to follow through. I kept it simple, but still special, and my kids don't know any different.

We had the rainy drizzles at my house today. My kids woke up, looked outside, and yelled, "YAY! It's raining!! Tea and POPCORN!! WOOOHOOO!"

So, find something special to treat them with on such occasions and STICK TO IT!

Do you have a special back-up plan to share? We would love to hear it!